Bazel: update BoringSSL to 3a667d1 / b9232f9 (master-with-bazel).

3a667d10e Binary tag bump: 1 -> 2
e7fc7a737 Export PKCS12_DEFAULT_ITER.
b3ed071ec Add SSL_has_pending.
ea57bcbd6 Update HPKE test vectors.
16a94930a Add various OpenSSL compatibility functions.
27a675574 Add PKCS7_bundle_raw_certificates function which takes CRYPTO_BUFFERs
a9670a8b4 No-op change to test the bots.
ba20a754e Remove outdated comment in ECDSA implementation.
703cb721e Add missing assert.h include.
cf8d3ad3c Check tag class and constructed bit in d2i_ASN1_OBJECT.
414a0f86e Don't parse constructed BIT STRINGs in crypto/bytestring
13c67c99d Enforce DER rules for BIT STRING values.
ee510f588 Remove support for indefinite lengths in crypto/asn1.
a70edd47a Remove support for constructed strings in crypto/asn1.
491af1036 Check for trailing data in extensions.
16b3af7d2 Update tools.
9fd163756 Fold x509v3/pcy_int.h into x509v3/internal.h.
91b892496 Switch kModuleDigestSize to a macro.
17c38b39e Switch DEPS actions on bots to Python 3.
69030a0ce Match OPENSSL_EXPORT in ssl/internal.h friend declarations.
c2827d3b5 Add a function to express the desired record version protocol.
7cac8faff Add CRYPTO_BUFFER_new_from_static_data_unsafe.
28c48e38a Finish documenting asn1.h.
2cbc39a3c Trim some undocumented symbols from asn1.h.
89386ac89 Add magic tag to BoringSSL binaries.
1dcdbdad9 Document and const-correct multi-string types.
e1049fd88 Fully unexport X509_VAL.
d2d1d3c6a Document ASN1_OBJECT, i2c, and c2i functions.
a259a5484 Unexport ASN1_OBJECT_new.
efab69bf7 Return 0x80 in all ASN1_get_object error paths.
471e631f4 Document low-level encoding functions in asn1.h.
08dee19b7 Use C preprocessor comments in assembly headers.
45608a1b9 Document and const-correct ASN1_TYPE functions.
686d05aaa Fix error-handling for i2a_ASN1_OBJECT.
ae274a25a Document i2a_ASN1_* functions.
2dc2f1093 Fold i2a_ASN1_ENUMERATED into i2a_ASN1_INTEGER.
a7e807481 Fix BIT STRING comparison in ASN1_STRING_cmp.
4298fce7d Rewrite ASN1_item_pack and ASN1_item_unpack.
141472c21 Document some more ASN1_ITEM-associated functions.
7c1f40f2f Reword ASN1_BOOLEAN exception.
bb88f5226 Move M_ASN1_* to the deprecated section.
8a5ec7255 Fix up some doc.go nits in asn1.h.
370a3c2e2 Document new/free/d2i/i2d for singly-typed ASN1_STRINGs.
a78e3240c Document ASN1_NULL.
c11fcb06e Const-correct the low-level ASN1 i2d functions.
b4156026a Start documenting ASN1_ITEM.
7a4df8e97 Tidy up SSLTest.SetVersion.
cfafcd454 Deduplicate d2i and i2d documentation.

Change-Id: If85ac4b4130ea9c8df77ea84ac09ef3498782cf7
Signed-off-by: Piotr Sikora <>
Reviewed-by: Patryk Lesiewicz <>
diff --git a/bazel/repositories.bzl b/bazel/repositories.bzl
index 36defe2..d4edcff 100644
--- a/bazel/repositories.bzl
+++ b/bazel/repositories.bzl
@@ -48,9 +48,9 @@
     # BoringSSL
         name = "boringssl",
-        commit = "95b3ed1b01f2ef1d72fed290ed79fe1b0e7dafc0",  # 2021-10-12
+        commit = "b9232f9e27e5668bc0414879dcdedb2a59ea75f2",  # 2021-11-24
         remote = "",
-        shallow_since = "1634062184 +0000",
+        shallow_since = "1637714942 +0000",
     # PCRE