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# ModSecurity
include $(dir $(abspath $(lastword $(MAKEFILE_LIST))))/version
# The release tarball distributed from GitHub does not include
# all the required submodules (libinjection in particular), so
# we are building our own tarball by running + configure +
# make dist from desired version tag.
# MODSECURITY_URL := $(GITHUB)/SpiderLabs/ModSecurity/archive/v$(MODSECURITY_VERSION).tar.gz
MODSECURITY_URL := $(CONTRIB_NGINX)/modsecurity/modsecurity-v$(MODSECURITY_VERSION).tar.gz
PKGS += modsecurity
$(call download_pkg,$(MODSECURITY_URL),modsecurity)
.sum-modsecurity: modsecurity-v$(MODSECURITY_VERSION).tar.gz
modsecurity: modsecurity-v$(MODSECURITY_VERSION).tar.gz .sum-modsecurity
.modsecurity: modsecurity
cd $< && \
./configure --prefix $(PREFIX) --without-lmdb --without-lua && \
make $(_SMP_MFLAGS) install && \
TERM=foo make check-TESTS
rm -f /tmp/audit_test.log /tmp/audit_test_parallel.log
rm -rf /tmp/test
touch $@