Introduced release helper Makefile.

Currently supported targets: release, revert, commit, tag.

Invocation without particular target will show available versions:

    $ make
    Latest available mainline nginx package version: 1.19.3-1
    Next mainline release version: 1.19.4-1

    Valid targets: release revert commit tag

Version, release, and packager can be determined automatically,
or redefined with environment variables:

    $ VERSION=2.0.0 RELEASE=99 PACKAGER="John Doe <>" make release
    ==> Preparing mainline release 2.0.0-99
    --> alpine/Makefile
    --> debian/Makefile
    --> rpm/SPECS/Makefile
    --> changelog for nginx-module-geoip
    --> changelog for nginx-module-image-filter
    --> changelog for nginx-module-perl
    --> changelog for nginx-module-xslt
    --> changelog for nginx-module-njs

    Done. Please carefully check the diff. Use "make revert" to revert any changes.

Prerequisites: make, mercurial, curl, GNU sed.
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