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* Copyright (C) Igor Sysoev
* Copyright (C) NGINX, Inc.
struct njs_function_lambda_s {
uint32_t nargs;
uint32_t local_size;
uint32_t closure_size;
/* Function nesting level. */
uint8_t nesting; /* 4 bits */
/* Function internal block closures levels. */
uint8_t block_closures; /* 4 bits */
uint8_t ctor; /* 1 bit */
uint8_t rest_parameters; /* 1 bit */
/* Initial values of local scope. */
njs_value_t *local_scope;
njs_value_t *closure_scope;
u_char *start;
/* The frame size must be aligned to njs_value_t. */
njs_align_size(sizeof(njs_native_frame_t), sizeof(njs_value_t))
/* The frame size must be aligned to njs_value_t. */
#define njs_frame_size(closures) \
njs_align_size(sizeof(njs_frame_t) + closures * sizeof(njs_closure_t *), \
/* The retval field is not used in the global frame. */
njs_align_size(offsetof(njs_frame_t, retval), sizeof(njs_value_t))
typedef struct njs_exception_s njs_exception_t;
struct njs_exception_s {
* The next field must be the first to alias it with restart address
* because it is not used to detect catch block existance in the frame.
njs_exception_t *next;
u_char *catch;
struct njs_native_frame_s {
u_char *free;
njs_function_t *function;
njs_native_frame_t *previous;
njs_value_t *arguments;
njs_object_t *arguments_object;
njs_exception_t exception;
uint32_t size;
uint32_t free_size;
uint32_t nargs;
/* Function is called as constructor with "new" keyword. */
uint8_t ctor; /* 1 bit */
/* Skip the and Function.apply() methods frames. */
uint8_t skip; /* 1 bit */
struct njs_frame_s {
njs_native_frame_t native;
njs_index_t retval;
u_char *return_address;
njs_frame_t *previous_active_frame;
njs_value_t *local;
#if (NJS_SUNC)
njs_closure_t *closures[1];
njs_closure_t *closures[];
njs_function_t *njs_function_alloc(njs_vm_t *vm, njs_function_lambda_t *lambda,
njs_closure_t *closures[], njs_bool_t shared);
njs_function_t *njs_function_value_copy(njs_vm_t *vm, njs_value_t *value);
njs_int_t njs_function_name_set(njs_vm_t *vm, njs_function_t *function,
njs_value_t *name, njs_bool_t bound);
njs_int_t njs_function_arguments_object_init(njs_vm_t *vm,
njs_native_frame_t *frame);
njs_int_t njs_function_rest_parameters_init(njs_vm_t *vm,
njs_native_frame_t *frame);
njs_int_t njs_function_prototype_create(njs_vm_t *vm, njs_object_prop_t *prop,
njs_value_t *value, njs_value_t *setval, njs_value_t *retval);
njs_int_t njs_eval_function(njs_vm_t *vm, njs_value_t *args, njs_uint_t nargs,
njs_index_t unused);
njs_int_t njs_function_native_frame(njs_vm_t *vm, njs_function_t *function,
const njs_value_t *this, const njs_value_t *args, njs_uint_t nargs,
njs_bool_t ctor);
njs_int_t njs_function_lambda_frame(njs_vm_t *vm, njs_function_t *function,
const njs_value_t *this, const njs_value_t *args, njs_uint_t nargs,
njs_bool_t ctor);
njs_int_t njs_function_call(njs_vm_t *vm, njs_function_t *function,
const njs_value_t *this, const njs_value_t *args, njs_uint_t nargs,
njs_value_t *retval);
njs_int_t njs_function_lambda_call(njs_vm_t *vm);
njs_int_t njs_function_native_call(njs_vm_t *vm);
void njs_function_frame_free(njs_vm_t *vm, njs_native_frame_t *frame);
njs_inline njs_function_lambda_t *
njs_function_lambda_alloc(njs_vm_t *vm, uint8_t ctor)
njs_function_lambda_t *lambda;
lambda = njs_mp_zalloc(vm->mem_pool, sizeof(njs_function_lambda_t));
if (njs_fast_path(lambda != NULL)) {
lambda->ctor = ctor;
return lambda;
njs_inline njs_int_t
njs_function_frame(njs_vm_t *vm, njs_function_t *function,
const njs_value_t *this, const njs_value_t *args, njs_uint_t nargs,
njs_bool_t ctor)
if (function->native) {
return njs_function_native_frame(vm, function, this, args, nargs, ctor);
} else {
return njs_function_lambda_frame(vm, function, this, args, nargs, ctor);
njs_inline njs_native_frame_t *
njs_function_previous_frame(njs_native_frame_t *frame)
njs_native_frame_t *previous;
do {
previous = frame->previous;
frame = previous;
} while (frame->skip);
return frame;
njs_inline njs_int_t
njs_function_frame_invoke(njs_vm_t *vm, njs_index_t retval)
njs_frame_t *frame;
frame = (njs_frame_t *) vm->top_frame;
frame->retval = retval;
if (frame->native.function->native) {
return njs_function_native_call(vm);
} else {
return njs_function_lambda_call(vm);
njs_inline njs_int_t
njs_function_apply(njs_vm_t *vm, njs_function_t *function,
const njs_value_t *args, njs_uint_t nargs, njs_value_t *retval)
return njs_function_call(vm, function, &args[0], &args[1], nargs - 1,
extern const njs_object_type_init_t njs_function_type_init;
extern const njs_object_init_t njs_function_instance_init;
extern const njs_object_init_t njs_arrow_instance_init;
extern const njs_object_init_t njs_arguments_object_instance_init;