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Changes with njs 0.2.8 26 Feb 2019
nginx modules:
*) Change: properties of HTTP request deprecarted in 0.2.2 are
*) Feature: added support for delete operation in r.headersOut.
*) Feature: added support for setting nginx variables.
*) Bugfix: fixed r.subrequest() for empty body value.
*) Improvement: setting special response headers in r.headersOut.
*) Feature: added labels support.
*) Feature: added setImmediate() method.
*) Feature: added support for shorthand property names for Object
*) Bugfix: fixed Function.prototype.bind().
*) Bugfix: fixed parsing of string literals containing newline
*) Bugfix: fixed line number in reporting variable reference errors.
*) Bugfix: fixed creation of long UTF8 strings.
*) Bugfix: fixed String.prototype.split() for unicode strings.
*) Bugfix: fixed heap-buffer-overflow in String.prototype.split().
*) Bugfix: fixed Array.prototype.fill().
Thanks to Artem S. Povalyukhin.
*) Improvement: code related to function invocation is refactored.
Thanks to 洪志道 (Hong Zhi Dao).
*) Improvement: code related to variables is refactored.
Thanks to 洪志道 (Hong Zhi Dao).
*) Improvement: parser is refactored.
Thanks to 洪志道 (Hong Zhi Dao).
*) Improvement: reporting filenames in exceptions.
Changes with njs 0.2.7 25 Dec 2018
*) Feature: rest parameters syntax (destructuring is not supported).
Thanks to Alexander Pyshchev.
*) Feature: added Object.entries() method.
*) Feature: added Object.values() method.
*) Improvement: code generator refactored and simplified.
*) Bugfix: fixed automatic semicolon insertion.
*) Bugfix: fixed assignment expression from compound assignment.
*) Bugfix: fixed comparison of Byte and UTF8 strings.
*) Bugfix: fixed type of iteration variable in for-in with array
*) Bugfix: fixed building on paltforms without librt.
*) Bugfix: miscellaneous additional bugs have been fixed.
Changes with njs 0.2.6 27 Nov 2018
*) Feature: making built-in prototypes mutable.
*) Feature: making global object mutable.
*) Feature: console.time() and console.timeEnd() methods.
*) Feature: allowing variables and functions to be redeclared.
*) Feature: extending Object.defineProperty() spec conformance.
*) Feature: introduced quiet mode for CLI to handle simple expressions
from stdin.
*) Feature: introduced compact form of backtraces to handle stack
*) Improvement: improved wording for various exceptions.
*) Bugfix: fixed closure values handling.
*) Bugfix: fixed equality operator for various value types.
*) Bugfix: fixed handling of "this" keyword in various scopes.
*) Bugfix: fixed handling non-object values in Object.keys().
*) Bugfix: fixed parsing of throw statement inside if statement.
*) Bugfix: fixed parsing of newline after throw statement.
*) Bugfix: fixed parsing of statements in if statement without newline.
*) Bugfix: fixed size uint32_t overflow in njs_array_expand().
*) Bugfix: fixed typeof operator for object_value type.
*) Bugfix: miscellaneous additional bugs have been fixed.
Changes with njs 0.2.5 30 Oct 2018
nginx modules:
*) Bugfix: fixed counting pending events in stream module.
*) Bugfix: fixed in stream module.
*) Bugfix: fixed processing of data chunks in js_filter in stream module.
*) Bugfix: fixed http status and contentType getter in http module.
*) Bugfix: fixed http response and parent getters in http module.
*) Feature: arguments object support.
*) Feature: non-integer fractions support.
*) Improvement: handling non-array values in Array.prototype.slice().
*) Bugfix: fixed Array.prototype.length setter.
*) Bugfix: fixed njs_array_alloc() for length > 2**31.
*) Bugfix: handling int overflow in njs_array_alloc() on 32bit
*) Bugfix: fixed code size mismatch error message.
*) Bugfix: fixed delete operator in a loop.
*) Bugfix: fixed Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor() for complex
object (inherited from Array and string values).
*) Bugfix: fixed Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty() for non-object
*) Bugfix: miscellaneous additional bugs have been fixed.
Changes with njs 0.2.4 18 Aug 2018
nginx modules:
*) Change: stream module handlers are refactored.
New methods and properties:
s.on(),, s.allow(), s.done(), s.decline(),
Removed properties of Stream object:
s.OK, s.ABORT, s.AGAIN, s.DECLINED, s.ERROR (replaced
with s.allow(), s.done([code]), s.deny()).
s.buffer (for reading replaced with data argument of
the corresponding callback, for writing use s.send()).
s.fromUpstream (replaced with a callback for a corresponding
s.eof (replaced with flags.last).
*) Feature: added Function.prototype.length.
*) Feature: introduced sandboxing mode.
*) Improvement: added exception strings where appropriate.
*) Improvement: improved wording for primitive type conversion
*) Bugfix: throwing TypeError for attempts to change frozen
*) Bugfix: fixed Object.defineProperty() for existing properties.
*) Bugfix: respecting the enumerable attribute while iterating
by for in.
*) Bugfix: respecting writable attribute for property handlers.
*) Bugfix: fixed exception handling in arguments of a function.
*) Bugfix: fixed Object.prototype.toString for different
value types.
*) Bugfix: fixed Object() constructor for object types arguments.
*) Bugfix: fixed comparison of objects and strings.
*) Bugfix: fixed String.slice() for undefined arguments.
*) Bugfix: miscellaneous additional bugs have been fixed.
Changes with njs 0.2.3 31 Jul 2018
nginx modules:
*) Bugfix: making a subrequest from a Reply object caused
a segmentation fault.
*) Bugfix: getting the parent property of the main Request
object caused a segmentation fault.
*) Feature: added the pretty string representation for values.
*) Feature: correctly printing floating point numbers.
*) Feature: correctly parsing floating point numbers.
*) Feature: String.bytesFrom() method (decoding hex, base64,
base64url into a byte string).
*) Feature: String.padStart() and String.padEnd() methods.
*) Feature: added support of binary literals.
*) Improvement: added information about illegal token in number parsing.
*) Improvement: allowed uppercased O in octal literal values.
*) Improvement: added support for multiple arguments in console.log().
*) Bugfix: fixed applying call() to methods of external values.
*) Bugfix: fixed addition operator applied to an object.
*) Bugfix: fixed exception handling in njs_vm_value_to_ext_string().
*) Bugfix: fixed Number() with boolean, null and undefined arguments.
*) Bugfix: fixed error handling of setting non-numeric Array.length.
*) Bugfix: fixed autocompletion for global objects.
*) Bugfix: miscellaneous additional bugs have been fixed.
Changes with njs 0.2.2 19 Jun 2018
nginx modules:
*) Change: merged HTTP Response and Reply into Request.
New members of Request:
req.status (res.status)
req.parent (reply.parent)
req.requestBody (req.body)
req.responseBody (reply.body)
req.headersIn (req.headers)
req.headersOut (res.headers)
req.sendHeader() (res.sendHeader())
req.send() (res.send())
req.finish() (res.finish())
req.return() (res.return())
Deprecated members of Request:
req.body (use req.requestBody or req.responseBody)
req.headers (use req.headersIn or req.headersOut)
The deprecated properties will be removed in the following
*) Feature: HTTP internalRedirect() method.
*) Bugfix: fixed heap-buffer-overflow in crypto.createHmac().
Changes with njs 0.2.1 31 May 2018
nginx modules:
*) Feature: HTTP request body getter.
*) Improvement: moved njs vm to the main configuration.
*) Improvement: improved logging for js_set and js_content directives.
*) Improvement: setting status code to 500 by default in
js_content handler.
*) Improvement: added the debug for the returned status code in
*) Bugfix: fixed error logging in js_include.
*) Feature: added array length setter.
*) Improvement: public header cleanup. njscript.h is renamed to njs.h.
*) Bugfix: fixed crypto update() method after digest() is called.
*) Bugfix: fixed crypto.createHmac() for keys with size >= alg size
and < 64.
*) Bugfix: fixed JSON.stringify() for arrays with empty cells.
*) Bugfix: fixed exception type for unsupported types in
*) Bugfix: fixed handling of undefined arguments of functions.
*) Bugfix: fixed handling of missing arg of
*) Bugfix: fixed handling of properties in
*) Bugfix: fixed the writeable flag of Array.length property.
*) Bugfix: fixed return value type of clearTimeout().
*) Bugfix: fixed njs_vm_external_bind().
*) Bugfix: miscellaneous additional bugs have been fixed.
Changes with njs 0.2.0 3 Apr 2018
*) Feature: reporting njs version by CLI.
*) Feature: textual description for type converting exceptions.
*) Feature: setTimeout() and clearTimeout() methods.
*) Feature: Byte string to hex, base64, base64url encodings.
*) Feature: Node.js style crypto methods.
*) Feature: HTTP and stream warn() and error() methods.
*) Feature: HTTP subrequest() method.
*) Feature: HTTP return() method.
*) Bugfix: miscellaneous bugs have been fixed in the core and
interactive shell.
Changes with njs 0.1.15 20 Nov 2017
*) Feature: Error, EvalError, InternalError, RangeError,
ReferenceError, SyntaxError, TypeError, URIError objects.
*) Feature: octal literals support.
*) Feature: File system access fs.readFile(), fs.readFileSync(),
fs.appendFile(), fs.appendFileSync(), fs.writeFile(),
fs.writeFileSync() methods.
*) Feature: nginx modules print backtrace on exception.
*) Bugfix: miscellaneous bugs have been fixed.
Changes with njs 0.1.14 09 Oct 2017
*) Feature: JSON object.
*) Feature: object level completions in interactive shell.
*) Feature: various configure improvements.
*) Bugfix: miscellaneous bugs have been fixed in the core and
interactive shell.
Changes with njs 0.1.13 31 Aug 2017
*) Feature: console.log() and methods in interactive
*) Feature: interactive shell prints backtrace on exception.
*) Feature: interactive shell by default if libedit is available.
*) Bugfix: processing of large files from stdin in command line mode.
*) Bugfix: improved editline detection.
Changes with njs 0.1.12 08 Aug 2017
*) Feature: Interactive shell.
*) Bugfix: in Object.isSealed().
Changes with njs 0.1.11 27 Jun 2017
*) Feature: Object.keys(), Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty() methods.
*) Feature: Object.defineProperty(), Object.defineProperties(),
Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor() methods.
*) Feature: Object.getPrototypeOf(), Object.prototype.isPrototypeOf()
*) Feature: Object.preventExtensions(), Object.isExtensible(),
Object.freeze(), Object.isFrozen(), Object.seal(), Object.isSealed()
*) Feature: scientific notation literals support.
*) Feature: hexadecimal literals support.
*) Bugfix: processing of large array indexes.
*) Bugfix: in parseInt() and Date.parse().
Changes with njs 0.1.10 04 Apr 2017
*) Feature: nested functions and function closures.
*) Feature: Array.of(), Array.prototype.fill(), Array.prototype.find(),
Array.prototype.findIndex() methods.
*) Bugfix: miscellaneous bugs and segmentation faults have been fixed.
Changes with njs 0.1.9 01 Feb 2017
*) Bugfix: global variables were not initialized when njs was used
in nginx.
Changes with njs 0.1.8 24 Jan 2017
*) Change: the "strict" mode is enforced, variables must be explicitly
*) Feature: "for" and "for-in" loops support variable declaration.
*) Bugfix: global and function scopes have been fixed.
*) Bugfix: now "for-in" loop does not discard the last value of property
*) Bugfix: miscellaneous bugs and segmentation faults have been fixed.
Changes with njs 0.1.7 27 Dec 2016
*) Change: the "js_include" directive has been disabled at server and
location levels.
*) Feature: exponentiation operators.
*) Bugfix: miscellaneous bugs and segmentation faults have been fixed.
Changes with njs 0.1.6 13 Dec 2016
*) Change: the "js_set" directive has been disabled at server and
location levels.
*) Feature: ES6 Math methods.
*) Bugfix: miscellaneous bugs and segmentation faults have been fixed.