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# Copyright (C) Igor Sysoev
# Copyright (C) NGINX, Inc.
cat << END
./configure options:
--cc=FILE set C compiler filename, default: "$CC"
--cc-opt=OPTIONS set additional C compiler options, \
default: "$NJS_CC_OPT"
--ld-opt=OPTIONS set additional linker options, \
default: "$NJS_LD_OPT"
--ar=FILE set static linking program, default: "$AR"
--build-dir=DIR set build directory, default: "$NJS_BUILD_DIR"
--no-pcre disables PCRE/PCRE2 discovery for RegExp
backend. This flag allows to build PCRE/PCRE2
outside of libnjs.a. When this option is enabled
functions described in njs_regex.h are not built.
Instead this functions are expected to be provided
while linking.
--no-pcre2 disables PCRE2 discovery for RegExp backend.
When this option is enabled only PCRE library
is discovered.
--no-openssl disables OpenSSL discovery. When this option is
enabled OpenSSL dependant code is not built as a
part of libnjs.a.
--address-sanitizer=YES enables build with address sanitizer, \
--debug=YES enables additional runtime checks, \
default: "$NJS_DEBUG"
--debug-memory=YES enables memory alloc debug, \
default: "$NJS_DEBUG_MEMORY"
--test262=YES enables test262 extentions, \
default: "$NJS_TEST262"