Combining unknown headers during variables lookup (ticket #1316).

Previously, $http_*, $sent_http_*, $sent_trailer_*, $upstream_http_*,
and $upstream_trailer_* variables returned only the first header (with
a few specially handled exceptions: $http_cookie, $http_x_forwarded_for,
$sent_http_cache_control, $sent_http_link).

With this change, all headers are returned, combined together.  For
example, $http_foo variable will be "a, b" if there are "Foo: a" and
"Foo: b" headers in the request.

Note that $upstream_http_set_cookie will also return all "Set-Cookie"
headers (ticket #1843), though this might not be what one want, since
the "Set-Cookie" header does not follow the list syntax (see RFC 7230,
section 3.2.2).
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