PCRE2 library support.

The PCRE2 library is now used by default if found, instead of the
original PCRE library.  If needed for some reason, this can be disabled
with the --without-pcre2 configure option.

To make it possible to specify paths to the library and include files
via --with-cc-opt / --with-ld-opt, the library is first tested without
any additional paths and options.  If this fails, the pcre2-config script
is used.

Similarly to the original PCRE library, it is now possible to build PCRE2
from sources with nginx configure, by using the --with-pcre= option.
It automatically detects if PCRE or PCRE2 sources are provided.

Note that compiling PCRE2 10.33 and later requires inttypes.h.  When
compiling on Windows with MSVC, inttypes.h is only available starting
with MSVC 2013.  In older versions some replacement needs to be provided
("echo '#include <stdint.h>' > pcre2-10.xx/src/inttypes.h" is good enough
for MSVC 2010).

The interface on nginx side remains unchanged.
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