HTTP/2: fixed "task already active" with sendfile in threads.

With sendfile in threads, "task already active" alerts might appear in logs
if a write event happens on the main HTTP/2 connection, triggering a sendfile
in threads while another thread operation is already running.  Observed
with "aio threads; aio_write on; sendfile on;" and with thread event handlers
modified to post a write event to the main HTTP/2 connection (though can
happen without any modifications).

Similarly, sendfile() with AIO preloading on FreeBSD can trigger duplicate
aio operation, resulting in "second aio post" alerts.  This is, however,
harder to reproduce, especially on modern FreeBSD systems, since sendfile()
usually does not return EBUSY.

Fix is to avoid starting a sendfile operation if other thread operation
is active by checking r->aio in the thread handler (and, similarly, in
aio preload handler).  The added check also makes duplicate calls protection
redundant, so it is removed.
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